M/s Bharat Castings & Alloys , was established in the year 1986 , as a manufacturer of Cast Machine Parts , mainly catering to the OEM supply market for tea and allied machinery. The company specialized in making castings for Rolling Tables , Mini CTC`s , Gears for Gear Boxes as well as various cast machine parts like Cranks etc., used in rolling Tables. The company also is a market leader in the casting of Rolling table bases , containers , pressure plates , made of Brass , as well as Stainless steel.

Since 2000,the company introduced the concept of Mini Tea Manufacture which was earlier unheard of. This concept of the company gathered acceptance at first in the state of Himachal Pradesh , which had a number of small proprietorial tea estates growing tea ranging from 15 to 40 acres. However most of the green leaf , was sold to the Govt. Co-operative tea factory: Palampur Co-Op Tea Factory for processing. Gradually most of these small estates , started embracing the technology and machinery developed by the company which was scaled down from the then minimum sizes generally manufactured by other manufacturers to suit such small tea estates having a daily green leaf harvest from 300 kgs to 1200 kgs per day. The year 2005, was a major landmark in the fortunes of the company,when the Mini Tea machinery manufactured by M/s Bharat Castings & Alloys was placed on the register of approved machinery suppliers of the Tea Board .

In the meanwhile , not resting on its laurels the company has taken its simple and established mini - tea processing technology to the small tea growing sector, with various units further established in the states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal. Further the company has also supplied mini tea machinery to West Bengal , Assam, and more recently to Tamil Nadu ,Nagaland and Meghalaya.

The Company`s Tea machinery range today consists of complete tea processing machinery from start to finished product for Green Tea , Orthodox Tea , CTC Tea , from capacities ranging from 500 Kgs to 8000 Kgs Green Leaf per day , as well as value added boutique teas like flavoured teas. The same has been designed keeping in view the needs of the small tea grower such as having low capital cost (as compared to standard factory sizes) , low power requirements , flexible fuel use for firing of teas as well as optimizing daily production capacities for such units to be viable commercially. The Company has its head office at Amritsar , Punjab with a branch office at Guwahati Assam .